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Tompi – When You Miss Somebody (Feat. Rick Smith “Bali Lounge”)

(When u miss somebody) hoo..
(When u miss someone) no no no no no
(When u need somebody) when u miss semobody
(When u love someone…)

As soft as a shadow, dark as a dream
Look but don’t try to touch
A face in a mirror, a coin in a stream
A voice you miss too much…

The trouble with remembering
Is that we never can go back
The trouble with tomorrow
Is that I’m living in the past…

(When u miss somebody) tell me goodbye
(When u miss someone) hoo..
(When u need somebody)
(When u love someone) hoo.ho..

I thought that I spotted your face in a crowd
I knew I must be wrong
The world’s spinning backwards, the noise is too loud
I find you in a song…

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When u need somebody
When u love someone

When u miss somebody…

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