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Anggun – Still Reminds Me

In Lagu, lagu barat
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I cut off my hair, put some red in every nail on my feet
I think its pretty
Repainted all the rooms, got a cat that i named June obviously
I think she’s happy
Friends threw some parties and to them all there’s not one that I miss
And I….
Try to spend my time with some body new
But everyone still reminds me of you
I try to play some songs that change my point of view
But every song still reminds me of you…
I dance on walking, listen to the people talk on the street
I dont feel lonely
I saw some movies, but your face kept coming back on the screen
I think im crazy
can’t make decisions, I could use some more distractions today
And I….
Back to: Reff
I wonder where did I go wrong
That made you go
Oh how I hate to feel alone
(somebody new,
still reminds me of you
somebody new
still reminds me of you…)
Back to: Reff (2X)
Still reminds me Oo.. Ou.uu..
Still reminds me of you…
Still reminds me of you…

[Fade Out…]

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