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Anggun – Non Angelical

In Lagu, lagu barat
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It’s certainly deceiving
‘Coz love has fooled you once again
You can’t believe in that she’s walking over you
If she’s amazing, why can’t she be true to you
What she hides she denies
But you’ll never question why…

She’s so hypocritical, she talks illogical
She’s irrational non angelical
She’s so unsensual, lives for the physical
She’s so cynical non angelical…

I see your eyes rolling
You don’t believe a word I say
Hurt you until you’re bleeding
She’s locked your life away
No more forgiving.
Don’t let her fool you once again
Set your heart stone cold
Wake up, back in control…

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Angelical.. Non angelical..
Angelical.. Non angelical…

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She’s so hypocritical,
She’s irrational,
She’s so unsensual,
She’s so cynical non angelical…

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