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Anggun – Forbidden Love

In Lagu, lagu barat
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Said with no sound another new round
The moon is up high and here I go again
You gave me a sign that your love is still mine
And I feel the fire burns inside of me…

Say it once more, ssay it for sure
I hear your heart is calling out my name
Like a whisper, long and tender
Make me alive inside your eyes again…

How I wish I could try to run away from this power,
The power of forbidden love
How I wish I could try to turn off the volume from these voices,
The voices of forbidden love
How I wish I could close my eyes to all of these temptations,

You are captured, fall in rapture
I don’t think my heart will ever let you go
For another love from other
‘Cause I can give everything you always dreamed…

Make me alive inside your eyes again…

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(Forbidden love…
Forbidden love…
Forbidden love…
Forbidden love…)

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[Fade Out…]

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