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Anggun – Blue Satellite

In Lagu, lagu barat
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I do my weightless wondering
Falling down every night
Fearing I have lost you
Once you’re out of sight…
I’m walking round spinning in my room
Like a sleepless satellite, and you say…
Me and you we are like one
I pretend that you’re the ground
We’re like blue satellite
We’re lost in gravity, never really meant to be
Blue restless satellite…
I hold my breath to silence
Cold creeps from underneath
While shadows jump from corner
Back to: (*), Reff
Blue blue satellite, blue sleepless satellite
Blue blue satellite, blue restless satellite..
If I could change your mind, I would
And if your a still alone you should
‘Cause I cant keep this heart from
Shrinking, thinking, without love…
Back to: (2X) 4X, Reff (by backing vocal)
Sleepless satellite

Ye.iyee.he.. satellite…

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