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Sandhy Sondoro – In The Name Of Peace

In Lagu
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In the name of peace,
I’m gonna sell guns
Spread all my hatred
And start all those dirty wars…
In the name of peace,
I’m not gonna feel guilty
For my nasty conspiracy
Cause it’s my own valiant commitment…
And I want you to join me, at my community…
In the name of peace,
I would die to release
Innocent people free
Under my regime yeah…
In the name of peace,
Love and liberty
I’m so proud to be a raper
Of the entire human right ye.yea..
And I want you to join me
At my, my community
And I, I’m not a braggart
I’m, I am the law…
No no no no, I’m not a god

But yes I’m the leader of the freeworld…

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