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Sandhy Sondoro – Forever My Queen

In Lagu
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I wanna show you my world
I wanna be lost with you in heaven
Uh baby please don’t say no,
Oh baby please don’t go…

Cause you’re my flower in my winter time
You’re the pearl of my dreams
Baby won’t you stay with me a bit longer
Cause I.. cause i like you so
You’re forever my queen…

It’s the greatest thing to know you
The sweetest thing to hold you
I know there’s a lot of feelings behind your door
Oh baby would you show me some more…

Back to: Reff
Forever my queen…

Back to: Reff
Forever my queen…

Your eyes are full of stars
How beautiful you are
Your eyes are full of stars
How beautiful you are…

Oh baby you’re forever my queen, forever my
Baby you’re forever my queen yeah..

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