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Sandhy Sondoro – Find The Way

In Lagu
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We’ve been spinning so much time around the circle
And we wonder how we could still be able
To bear on this troubles…

We won’t walk away, we won’t walk away
We won’t walk away anyway…

We know that everybody learn from the bad days
Through out the haze
Life doesn’t always have a good taste…

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We’ve been learning for some years to work it all out
Yes we were born to fight
Though it was not easy to swallow our pride…

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Yeah we’ll find, we’ll find the way
Yeah we’ll find, we’ll find the way…

Pain and a sweetness are always provided in the same time
Fear and a weakness don’t let ‘em be upon the wind…

We will find the way, we will find the way
We will find the way, we will find the way
We will find the way…

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