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Sandhy Sondoro – Divine Intervention

In Lagu

Brothers fighting brothers, lovers fighting lovers
People barely hearin’ in the morn’
Nations hatin’ nations, lovers lost in the equation
One war and there’s still so many wars
It’s like this whole world’s cold and some crazy storm…

We could use some divine intervention
God if You’re listenin’, won’t You help us
Find the solution to all this confusion…

Lies and desperation, world up every station
No-one knowing where it’s gonna go
We got too many too hungry, te got to stop the suffering
I don’t think we can do it on our own
And right not we need something, to save our soul…

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Show us that a change is gonna come
Happens to realize That they belong
For a love our hearts would die if
Air was lift the clouds would find you, yeah you you..

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