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Anggun – Dream Of Me

In Lagu, lagu barat
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Hembusan bayu antar dirimu…

Let me be the blue inside of the flame that you feel
The heat to hold on till you are here
(Biarkan ku jadi mentari…)

Keep me, In your smile so sweet when you turn off the light
And we’ll be together in all our nights
(Dan kuhangatkan semua mimpi…)

Dream of me, before you go I’ll show you just how
I’ll make you dream of me till night is over
Dream of me, just a breath away in the dark
I’ll make you dream of me come to me now…

We move, So free and easy just like it should be
Just you can give me all that I need
(Hanya dirimu yang kunanti…)
I’ll fly, Find my way back to you in your deepest hours of sleep
A nightride to my favourite fantasy
(Semua keinginan hati…)

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My desire never ends
Will you meet me where the shadows blend
Light the stars up in my sky
Got to know that you are still mine…

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Take me with you when you go
When you get so lonely and so cold
Hold on to me every night
Close your eyes, let your love go flying
Let your love go flying…

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